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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Without A Trace - Review by Dean Jacobs

"Michael Wilson produces a gripping read in 'Without a Trace'. What most impressed me about this book was the interesting layout and recount of events that reads much like a diary entry into each character. He sets the scene well and the descriptive manner in which he approaches each murder allows the reader to be present to witness the gruesome act first hand. I love the creepy characterisation he has created for the Whitechapel villain!  His calm, creepy demeanor is perfectly put across.

I did see where he was going with it towards the end, but that didn't detract from wanting to finish it and receive that absolution. A very interesting read overall, with some squeamish moments that will thoroughly delight all of those Ripper buffs out there."

- Dean Jacobs, Author of The Streets of Whitechapel

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